The French say goodbye to the fidelity bank

If before, having a single bank for the management of its assets and its loan was the norm. Today, the situation has changed. Just for the domiciliation of the financial assets, individuals have recourse to two different schools. And the law on banking mobility, does not help things. Now, the fidelity bank belongs to the past in the Hexagon.

Fidelity bank : A survey of the most alarming

Recently, OpinionWay has launched a market analysis of the benefit bank. And the results are more than alarming. In fact, 36 % of individuals who participated in the survey claim to have two bank accounts in two different institutions.

The men seem to be more interested in this option than women. On the market, they are 43 % against 29 % decide to have “cheated” their bank. It remains to understand why…

What could be the reasons of this trend ?

Consumers are constantly in search of a better quality-price ratio. We can find here the first reason of this trend. However, it should be affirmed that the proliferation of online banks has not arranged the situation. Satisfied with the cover and the proximity of their bank, but tempted by the low and the simplicity offered by the institutions virtual, many individuals decide to commit to the two institutions. This seem to be for them the best solution.

For others, however, it is only a question of laziness. The steps to change the bank involve a request for closure, the need to travel and inform all the companies that are doing a transfer on the bank account to stop such activity. This is in addition to the penalties of closing requested by banks. The exploration of the principle of mobility of bank accounts seems to be wobbly.

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