The insurance fraud is still up to date

Very well known insurance services and police for several years, the insurance fraud, is a practice that many thought was long gone. However, it is more topical than ever and with the economic and social crisis intensifies further, the things are not on track to arrange.

A practical multifaceted

The practice was once known as one of those greedy or desperate, as the case may be, who deliberately fire to their house or their car to receive a refund. In most cases, these are people in economic situation very precarious, who are in need of funds to straighten out their finances.

It took a long time for the insurers and police officers to understand the scam and begin the war against the fraudsters. Even though this partnership seems to be bearing fruit and that the statistics in favour of a reduction of the phenomenon lead these two actors to fall for the custody, insurance fraud, has found new forms.

The case of the old Béthunois

The recent case of an old man béthunois has been striking. In fact, on 10 February last he has been the collateral victims of a fire on another car, even though his insurance had expired. For not having to bear the cost, the man is eager to renew his insurance and has declared the incident a false date. The insurer, feeling the entourloupe, approached police services, which have enabled him to discover the pot at the pink. He had to explain his scam, although his reasons does not erase the facts.

Like this man, they are thousands to be victims of the system that is inopportunely to get caught up in a game which, unfortunately, some parties come out winners. Each year, thousands of euros that insurers lose in this kind of events and the case of this man proves that the practice is not ready to stop.

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