The key to the success of the investment real estate

Real estate is a profitable investment and that do not lose value over the years. More and more individuals are choosing to invest their money in the stone, either for their own home, or for resale, or for lease. There are different ways to get a return on its property. In all cases, it is important to run a successful real estate investment. But still need to know how ?

Real estate investment : Learn, this is the beginning !

Investing in real estate does not matter how. It takes a minimum of preparation. The one who wants to succeed in the stone, above all, should know its objectives and the future of his project on the long-term. It is on the basis that you are going to choose the use of your property : for lease, for the constitution of heritage, or for tax-exemption.

During your research, it is necessary to have the playful spirit. Do not rely on the words of the developers, you yourself have already defined your criteria, so rely on it. In any case, do not miss any opportunity to take advice from professionals in the sector.

Choose the best device tax

The taxation of real estate is also a point to be studied closely in order to succeed in their real estate investment. It is important to allow you to make more profit in your investment. In fact, there are taxes, that could reduce your earnings, so that there is a means of tax relief that could help you in this direction. If you are in the locative, on the one side, there is the system of Pinel, which mostly relates to rental investment in the new, but also in the old renovated. Thanks to this system, you can expect a tax deduction of up to 21% of the total amount invested. Another there are the device leaseback censi who can give you an 11% reduction with a tax-attractive for your income.

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