The law Pinel promotes investment in rental property

Investing in real estate is a good opportunity to prepare for the future for retirement and ensure a nice heritage to his family. It is the right time to embark on this project, because the laws are favorable to investment in real estate. You make sure your back and you pay for something that belongs to you. The advantage of real estate is that it does discount not with the years, but that it takes on the contrary the most value. Build up a certain capital real estate can be put at the shelter and at the same time, protect his family’s need. A well re-sell in case of financial necessity urgent, especially if the purchase of the home takes place in a town where the demand is high.

Why invest in real estate in Nantes ?

Nantes, the largest city of the West, enjoys a geographical position very interesting with the passage of the TGV to reach Paris in 2 hours. Its dynamism provides to the inhabitants a life of fun and attracts young people thanks to the creation of many jobs. Known to be a city in full industrial expansion, it takes its place as the third largest metropolitan area of France, for the creation of the real estate. These construction projects offer investors the opportunity to buy new housing for the rental. Individuals who want to start in the real estate investment can therefore ensure a beautiful heritage by choosing to acquire new housing in Nantes which will be rented without any concern.

The strategy is to make this investment emerging, an opportunity to expand gradually, its properties, and so logically, to increase his personal wealth. The apartments even small areas are rented very well, it is quite conceivable to start in the rental with a small budget. The decline in real estate prices can also make good business. Take the time to choose the good city and the good accommodation to be sure of your financial success. A firm of wealth management will help you make the right decisions, to start your project in all serenity.

A tax exemption tempting because of the law Pinel

The law Pinel, which is replacing the act Duflot, allows a person toinvest in the rental property while benefiting from a tax reduction of up to 21 % for a device spread over 12 years. Three choices of time commitment are available, that is to say, the investor decides on the duration for which it agrees to rent the dwelling in which he becomes the owner. Any French taxpayer can take advantage of this tax exemption. Investing in big cities such as Nantes, Bordeaux or Rennes is much more sensible and provides a good financial investment.

The future owner will have to buy a new home with or without a contribution in the order of the rent upon acquisition. The device Pinel has been introduced to encourage them to go in the rental property, with benefits that can not leave indifferent those who wish to prepare for their retirement as soon as possible. Be the owner of one or more dwellings, allows you to see the future in a better light, at a time when many in france are wondering if they will one day retire, and at what price ! Acting for a heritage, well-thought out, the owners envision finally being able to enjoy life, when they will no longer have work obligations. They also think improving the lives of their children and the prospect of their to leave behind, a legacy is an opportunity that they do not want to miss.

In the meantime the happy days of retirement, the tax exemption is a good opportunity to alleviate the burdens of everyday life. There are therefore benefits to begin in a rental property investment. If you have a regular income, take the opportunity to put your balls in a thriving sector, the prospect of a secure future will motivate you to start this beautiful adventure.

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