The mobile bank Soon it is finished

At the same time, it has been warned… as Soon as January 2017, the drafting of the Agefi we announced the end of the banking offer 100 % mobile Soon. Confirmed by a tweet posted on June 21, 2017, it is less a matter of the burial of the offer Soon as the integration – in the month of September – the offer of bank account AXA Bank.

Soon merges with AXA Bank

That some 30,000 customers Soon be reassured from the outset, they will not cross a “No Bank’s Land*” because they will be recovered by AXA bank. Incidentally, AXA Bank would open 16 000 accounts these last 5 months, of which 4 000 since the law, which simplifies the change of the bank – tells us

In addition to the client continues, the editor of the journal of economic experience Soon, carried out since June 2013, should allow AXA Bank to recover the service “lock-unlock” which allows a customer to block his CB directly from his mobile during a given period of time.

In addition, by the end of 2017, AXA Bank should integrate a ” tool of categorization of expenditure and management of its credit card limits “. Finally, the bank would offer its clients the opportunity from the beginning of the year 2018 to enable and disable the function without contact with their credit cards from their mobile also. And in the course of the year 2018, to allow them to ” limit the use of this function for certain payment types or exclude others, such as the transactions on the internet “.

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Fusion rates Soon/AXA Bank ?

In introducing its new rates in January 2017, AXA Bank had already surprising. The bank had in effect rates close to the banks online :

  • Introducing free of account maintenance charges

In fact, free account maintenance fee at AXA Bank is now conditioned to the holding of a CB associated with the account.

  • By making the CB for free if you make 900 € payment per quarter

Offers TRAY 2017 Soon replaced by those of AXA bank

For the past few years, the mobile bank Soon proposed to the graduates of their offer between 80 € and 160 € they had their bac – with or without mention – and if they opened an account in the bank.

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In 2017, AXA Bank, replaced Soon by offering high school graduates who will be graduating – with honors this time – between 50 € and 160 €.

In bank-note, there has relayed this offer on June 20, 2017, we would have had to feel the wind turn to Soon ????

*Literally, a land without a bank

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