The Olympic games in 2024 : Paris candidate !

The city of Paris has recently presented its candidature for the reception of the Olympic Games in 2024. The official announcement of the host city of the games will be this Wednesday at Peru. Since a few days, the French delegation is already present on the scene with Laurent Garnier. He is the former president of Stadium Laurentin Badminton. In addition, the French capital would be a great chance to receive this great sporting event due to dropout of some applicants potentially dominant. But, it remains only to wait for the official proclamation of the organizers.

JO 2024 : the city of Paris is in a good position

After moments of waiting for the official proclamation of the city which will host the Olympic Games in 2024, the city of Paris could expect a good news. Nothing is sure yet. But, everything seems to be moving towards the Hexagon following the withdrawals of big cities like Boston, Hamburg, Rome or Los Angeles. Which would support the French bid.

There were several factors that pushed these great competitors to leave this rare opportunity to receive the olympics in 2024. They no longer have to wait for the next 4 years that will follow from 2024. By contrast, the city of Paris is seen to multiply its chance of winning this race to the olympics with the efforts by the French delegation, like the former Badminton player and past president of the Stade Laurentin, Badminton, Laurent Garnier.

JO 2024 – Paris : an application well-supported

Highly motivated, the city of Paris has received a multitude of support for her candidacy to the olympics in 2024. The league Paca Badminton has been one of the main actors in the promotion of the candidature. The love of the sport, including Badminton has been the most put in force by hundreds of students participating in the signature of the French flag to support the country. According to information circulating, the host city would be proclaimed Wednesday at Peru.

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