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Compared to Boursorama Bank and ING Direct, BforBank is a small poucet of the bank online. Launched in may 2015, the subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole has about 165 000 customers, compared to over 1 million for Boursorama Bank and ING Direct or 365 000 for Fortuneo. But BforBank has decided to react by becoming more aggressive, price wise. On June 18, 2017, the online bank has in effect amended its wafer tariff. And result, its customers would see their bank charges lower. State of the premises.

Bank fees 2017BforBank : focus on the pricing of banking products everyday

Prices charged since June 18, 2017 Prices before 18 June 2017 Visa Premier Card 0,00 € 0,00 € account maintenance Fee 0,00 € 0,00 € Withdrawals at atms in box € Free and unlimited Free and unlimited withdrawals and Payments outside of the zone € (% of withdrawn amount to the distributor or paid) 1,95% 2,00% Sending of the cheque book by registered mail 0,00 € 5,00 € Insurance loss or theft of means of payment (/year) 24,00 € 24,00 € Issuance of a wire transfer with the help of a counsellor 3,00 € 0,00 € send a bank transfer in currency (or out-of-area €) 25,00 € 0,1 % of the amount (minimum : 25,00 €) Commission intervention 0,00 € 0,00 € interest Rate receivable for the year (in the framework of the overdraft) 7,00 % 8,00 % /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use “#supsystic-table-353” as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-353 { … } #supsystic-table-353 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-353 tbody tr { … } */

These prices are from tariff brochures available online on the website of BforBank.

A few notes :

  • This table only takes account of main developments affecting the pricing of the current account of BforBank. The platelets of the banks comprising several tens or even hundreds of products and services, it was impossible from any point… Customers BforBank, if you notice any other changes, please do not hesitate to inform us by leaving a comment just below this article
  • To be a client of BforBank, you need to win – but not transfer to your account mandatory – 1 600 € net per month for an individual account, or 2 400 € net per month for a joint account
  • The credit card will be granted a Visa First. It is a high-end card integrating insurance and assistance services, important particularly in the case of travel abroad !

Compare the banks

Online banks are they really less expensive than the traditional banks ? All online banks have are they worth ? To answer these questions, go on the comparator banks.

I compare

Winning tickets : cheque book sent by registered mail to the operations outside the area € and the agios

  • Only 1.95% of commission to the foreign

Outside of the area € when you pay and withdraw with your credit card, BforBank not exceeding 1.95% commission, compared to 2 % before the June 18.

Specifically, if you pay, or remove the equivalent of 100 € in the United States, BforBank you bill, now 1,95 €, compared to 2 € before. A small difference that, on large amounts or if you multiply the expenses, can become significant.

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  • Receive your checkbook in the recommended is now free

Before June 18, 2017, BforBank charged 5 € the sending of the cheque book by registered mail. Now, it’s free ! Top ! Note that to get a cheque book without paying, it is necessary that you order online – from the app or from your personal area on the site of BforBank. Through a counselor – on the phone, for example – the order of your cheque book will cost you 3 €.

  • -1 % interest expense

Interest expense – more commonly referred to as premiums – are a little less expensive at BforBank. If you are short, but below your authorized limit, the bank applies a 7% premium, compared to 8 % before the 18 June. Beyond your overdraft authorized nothing changes, the 16% rate is still current.


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Tickets losers : the operations with an advisor

The reissue of the secret code, the modification of the ceilings of the bank card, the issuance of a transfer, or request for the issuance of a cheque book, all of these operations – if they are carried out with the help of a bank advisor – are now charged 3 €.

But don’t panic, they are still free if you make them only from your customer area !

The diagnosis banknote

In 2017, it moves at BforBank ! After having launched at the end of April, his supply of credit, real estate, BforBank down now its bank charges. Result, for a number of products and services, the subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole becomes the bank online the cheapest. See, BforBank invoice :

  • 1,95 % of withdrawals and payments out-of-area €, compared to 1.97% for Boursorama Bank, 1,98 % for Fortuneo or even 2 % for ING Direct
  • 0 € for sending a cheque book by registered mail, against 3,50 € chez Fortuneo (excluding postage) and £ 5 at ING Direct

[note note that if you want to benefit from an insurance loss or theft of means of payment, BforBank is still more expensive. His insurance costs 24 € per year, compared to 0 or € 11,88 € for Boursorama Bank and 0 € or 18 € Fortuneo (depending on the guarantees included[/note]).

Good news for all customers of online banks ?

Hard to imagine that Boursorama Bank does not react, and that she agrees to bate some of the bank status online at the least expensive. It is also difficult to imagine that Fortuneo, or ING Direct are ahead without flinching.

As a result, these online banks may in the next few weeks to change also their prices. And that is a very good news for us, the customers !

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