The outbreak of the real estate in France

Since the beginning of the year 2016, a net housing boom was expected after several years of stagnation. The trend continued until 2017 and the end of the month of march has devoted a net interest especially in some large cities, even if in a general way, the situation is heterogeneous.

A general observation on the territory

When the increase was confirmed in September 2016, all players in the sector took the news with caution. It was necessary for the bank interest rates begin to climb gently to the real estate developers understand that after several years of lethargy, the increase was real.

Since then, the situation has not ceased to evolve. In question, the increase in the purchasing power of the population, due to many years of falling interest rates real estate loans. While the new goods are snapped up like hotcakes, the price of apartments have been heavily impacted and this seems to increase the race to purchase.

It would seem that the French who still have the means want to buy quickly before the costs become astronomical and that the rates become punitive. If the increase is general throughout the territory, the data vary from one region to another.

Regional disparities

In march 2017, the prices were more than ever on the rise. In some provinces in the centre and South, the craze has almost doubled. In cities such as Paris, Marseille, Montpellier or even Lyon, the wind seems to be blowing in the right direction for the delight of real estate agents. But the cities that have experienced the more this increase of interest, what are Bordeaux and Nantes.

Since the month of September of last year, Bordeaux was on the top of all rankings in terms of increase in acquisitions. Nantes was not the rest. Well things have continued to march and the beginning of the month of April of this year does not seem to shake the gives. We’re waiting to see until where it will go.

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