The promo of the week : the C-zam by the Crossroads Bank and Insurance 12 € per year

For only 5 €, open an account C-zam by the Crossroads Bank and Insurance !

This week, we wanted to introduce you to banks offering any new – launched on 18 April and signed Crossroads Bank and Insurance : the C-zam. For € 5, payable once only, and € 1 per month account maintenance fee, account, C-zam, you get a RIB in your name, a credit card MasterCard to a permission and a mobile app to manage your account ! Without income requirement, the account C-zam allows you + to benefit from several advantages ! Will, it darkens !

Buy a box C-zam

Why we love this offer ?

  • Because the account C-zam, it is not expensive : it’s only 5 € for the purchase of the box set and, to obtain the benefits of the account, you will need to pay $ 1 account maintenance fee per month. Is a bank account for 12 € per year…

The credit card is free of charge and transfers also… so that one might think that it is on the withdrawals that it gets tough – in the manner of the Account Nickel invoice 1 € each atm withdrawal, ben not even, the withdrawals in atms of Crossroads Bank are free of charge ! Same for those carried out in the 6 124 distributors BNP Paribas !

Please note that any withdrawals that are made outside distributors Carrefour Bank and BNP Paribas are charged at 1 € each… Well, the other side of the coin is that you do not have the possibility to be overdrawn or have a cheque book. But the one in the other, it helps avoid the incident of payment !

  • Because the opening of an account C-zam is simple and fast : the box C-zam can be bought off the shelf – in one of the 3 000 Carrefour stores – or online on the website If you opt for the 2nd solution, choose the delivery – free – point. It would still be bale to pay more in postage (7 €) than for the box itself (5 €). You can then activate your account online on the website of C-zam. Crossroads Bank promises us that the opening is done in less than 10 minutes !
  • Because the fact of having an account C-zam you can benefit from discounts at Carrefour and brands partners. By paying with your card C-zam in the partner stores (Marionnaud, Lissac, Burton…), you enjoy exceptional discounts and you benefit at the same time the Loyalty program Carrefour (registration is free) ! In addition to reduce your bank fees, you save on your shopping with C-zam !

Buy a box C-zam

Why we love C-zam ?

  • Because C-zam belongs to Crossroads Bank – subsidiary of Carrefour and BNP Paribas – either two actors who are heavy, and that reassure us a lot
  • Because C-zam enjoys the (very) wide distribution network of Carrefour, which has 3 383 stores…

You will understand, if you were planning to open a bank account with low fees, you will have a excellent deal with the account C-zam !

Buy a box C-zam



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