The promo of the week : the Futures Account DISTINGO paid up to 1.60%

Grow your savings at an interest rate of up to 1.60 % by opening a futures account Distingo !

Booklet Has at 0.75 %, savings plan, housing at 1 %… these are hard times for savers ? Not so sure : you have found a super offer this week. By opening a Futures Account DISTINGO, PSA Bank pays up to 1.60 % on your savings… and not for investments, stranded on an eternity ! 2 or 3 years maximum. We will explain how it works !

PSA Bank offers three types of term deposit account :

  • If you place your savings for 1 year, you will get a return of 1.25 % gross
  • If you place your savings for 2 years, you will get a return of 1.50 % gross
  • If you wait 3 years, the interest rate goes to 1.60 %

Open a futures account, it is, in fact, make a deal with your bank. You agree to lock in your savings for a certain period of time (between 1 month and 10 years). And in exchange, the bank guarantees an interest rate. No bad surprise so, you know how much your savings will earn you upon subscription.

To open a Futures Account DISTINGO, you must have previously opened a savings book DISTINGO. Not really a constraint, it is currently more profitable than the liner, with a rate of 1 % gross.

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Why we like the term account of of the PSA Bank ?
Because the interest rates offered are guns

Before I tell you about this offer, we of course looked at what was the competition. And believe us, the account at the end of the PSA Bank is worth the detour. The evidence, for comparison :

  • Younited Credit offers 1.25% over 3 years
  • RCI Bank offers a 1.50% 3 years

One jumps on the offer Distingo, no ?

Because the Futures Account DISTINGO adapts to your needs

You have the choice ! You can stop the funds placed on 1, 2 or 3 years. In addition, the difference in the savings book DISTINGO, you can open multiple accounts to term.

And in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, if you need your money immediately ? Ok it is less convenient than going to pick on her booklet but this is not really a problem either : you can unlock your funds when you want it ! In return, the compensation of your savings will be lower than anticipated. Of course, the more you withdraw your money early, the more the interest rate used will be low.

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Because the subscription is simple and fast

The opening is done online in your personal space. To do this, you must make a single payment from your savings book DISTINGO. Balance sheet, once it is opened, you have nothing more to do, just to wait until the end of the deadline !

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Why we love PSA Bank ?

We checked and it is true : the money that you deposit on your terms Account DISTINGO is invested in the real economy : your savings are used in the motor activity of the PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN group ! You will contribute to the financing of auto loans, and support the sales of the brands Peugeot, Citroën and DS. PSA Bank is the bank of the real economy.

In short, you will have understood, if you want to place your savings without risk, you will make a very good deal with the current offering of the Futures Account DISTINGO !

Open a Futures Account DISTINGO

The rate of the actuarial gross annual Term Account DISTINGO 1 year in effect is 1.25%.
The rate of the actuarial gross annual Term Account DISTINGO 2 years in force is 1,50%.
The rate of the actuarial gross annual Term Account DISTINGO 3 years in force is of 1.60%.
Rate before tax and social security deductions. The Term Account DISTINGO is for any person already the holder or co-holder of a savings book DISTINGO.
The conditions, in particular the schedule of rates in case of early withdrawal, are included in the General Conditions of the PSA Bank and the Account Term DISTINGO, available on the website



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