The real estate prices are increasing on the side of Nice

This city in the south of France is prestigious, it is not surprising therefore that it is at the core of all attentions, and, in particular, those real estate investors. However, the price goes up dangerously in the last few months.

The famous houses of this city are sought by the specialists

The French who focus on such an investment should take a look at with precision several criteria. You have the geographical location, the tariffs, the documents such as the analysis of real estate… with this information, you can sort more easily the properties which deserve your attention and those that you must leave. By contacting a specialist, you are able to target quickly the famous houses on the side of Nice, but some neighborhoods are being hit hard by increases.

The price of the m2 flies to more than 4300 euros for popular areas

Just follow the news to see a particular attraction for this city in the south of France. It is storming during the summer when vacations are waiting for you. As tourism has picked up color in 2017, the impact on the real estate market is immediate. According to sectors, the price increase is particularly important. It will be necessary for example to pay more than 4300 euros per m2 for the houses located in the vicinity of the Mediterranean sea.

Three areas are to be preferred to a real estate investment

If you want a sublime view of this expanse of water, you will need to put hand to the portfolio. To receive an invoice a little less high, around 3000 euros per m2, it is necessary to orient towards the interior of the city in leaving, of course, the areas valued by tourists, seasonal rentals… however, if you want to make a real estate investment, the seaside, the Four mountains and the historic centre are to be preferred.

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