The redemption of credit allows it to benefit from a consumer credit ?

Compared to the month of February of last year, this year has been marked by a decline in consumer credit. In fact, a study conducted by the French Association of Financial Companies has shown that the production of consumer credit decrease of 1.9%. In view of this, the redemption of credit is it more relevant to improve its financial situation ?

A bullish trend on the last three months

During his research, the ASF (French Association of Financial Companies) is based on 284 businesses engaged in several types of activities : leasing of movable and immovable, deposits to businesses or individuals, etc

A search during which the association has noted an upward trend. Indeed, if one refers to the last quarter, there has been an upward trend in consumer credit. The observed increase of 6.2%. In any case, the activities of banks has not yet crossed the threshold of -13% compared to the situation 10 years earlier !

The redemption of credit : a solution to get the cash

It is important to note that the purchase of credit is not a loan to get the cash. It is an opportunity to redeem all of the credits in order to pay a single monthly payment, which will alleviate by following the financial situation of households. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to obtain cash with a buyback credit. In fact, by making a purchase of credit, you will have the opportunity to make an application a cash position that will allow you to build a savings safety. The purpose of this savings is to establish a certain balance between the new monthly payment and the income of the household. This cash should not exceed 15% of the capital of the redemption of credit.

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