The rents of real estate are declining in 2017

The real estate sector is relatively unstable, as the trends continue to evolve over the years. After the rate decrease, the sale prices have increased and it is now up to rent to know a certain reduction.

The world of real estate has been a great success on the side of the sales and rental

If you have some euros to invest, it would be necessary for you to consider the real estate market, because it has serious strengths for your portfolio. With the decline in borrowing rates, the French were able to enjoy a certain purchasing power. Thus, they have the opportunity to realize their projects by making a call to a constructor house Nice in order to erect a villa that is passive, for example. This should quickly become mainstream in the coming years as the standard, because it will be honored with the RT 2020. Some households may engage in the purchase of an old property or new, but others prefer to focus on the rental.

A sharp decline recorded in Marseille since the beginning of the year

A good news is also identified in this market of real estate, because a reduction in rents have been observed since the beginning of 2017. The specialist was able to carry out a study relayed exclusively by Europe 1. It highlights some figures that are quite low, it is not necessary to expect a significant drop in rents. The decrease on the whole territory is of the order of 0.6 %, it is still minimal, but high enough that it can be the subject of media coverage. It is necessary to focus on some cities of France to understand that the scale can be much stronger. In Marseilles, for example, rents have fallen by 3 % since the beginning of the year, the city of the south of France is therefore above the national average. This shows that there are real differences and this is encouraged by several factors.

Rent regulation would have had an impact

The decline in rents may be impacted by the request, the offer, the dynamism… This city is not the only one to bring that percentage, because Rennes and Le Havre are common fare so well. The decline will be less marked by against Toulon, Nantes and Saint-Étienne since the decrease of 0.5% against 0.6 % on the side of Paris. The specialists have tried to dwell on the reasons for this decline would be mainly explained by the unemployment rate. The latter should not be excluded, the higher it is, the more the purchasing power is impacted. Accordingly, it has an impact on rents.

In some cities in France, the framing would also have a role to play , as is the case in Paris. However, it will be necessary to focus on the act for the purpose of actually knowing all of the expectations with respect to the housing and this practice, because the rent is fixed according to certain rules.

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