The savings-investment, the bête noire of the French

In the area of savings-investment, France is not a reference. The reluctance of the French in this sector is a characteristic which is very striking and the years or the events do not seem to reverse the curve.

The savings-investment view by the French

If investments in stocks or real estate seem to be an option unquenchable for the Americans or the Asians, in France, it is a different matter. The French are known to be great skeptics, and the field of savings and investment is no exception.

If most of them are not against the fact to invest, they are more nervous on the turn to investments that present a risk of loss of capital.

The idea of savings is, instead, a warranty for :

  • To have something to react in case of emergency ;
  • Ensure his or her retirement ; or
  • Ensure the future of the children.

As such, many prefer to invest in life insurance or the booklet Is because of the security of the investment, while the rates of interest are what he is lowest on the market. In sum, the idea of investing to earn more money is a part of the latter reasons.

Savings-investment : an option is conditioned to the safety of the investment

Investments that depend on the market situation, although they are riskier, are also the most profitable. With the episode still a very recent of 2008, the purchase or resale of shares on the stock market does not seem to be the cup of tea of French. The risk of collapse of course is an option too alarming for most of them.

However, with the increase in the purchasing power and lower interest rates on credit, more and more people see real estate as an investment more or less safe. But this trend is much more observed among the under 35 years of age.

We hope that it will be a good omen.

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