The tax relief helps you to reduce your taxes before the end of 2017

The French have pretty much become experts of these tax cuts, because they invite in all the seams. You will not, for example, no difficulty for you to focus on the tax exemption, by a number of laws are available.

The law Pinel is still the leader in the world of the tax exemption

Some investors tend to focus on the real estate market in the south of France, it offers an exceptional setting. Generally, a purchase pays for itself quickly thanks to a seasonal rental. Depending on the strategy you want to adopt, it may be better for you to focus on the real estate tax, because several devices are compatible with this project. The law Pinel, for example, is ideal for the market of the old or a new program.

2018 will be a year of attractive to tax-exemption

You can enjoy a reduction of 21 % for a rental over 12 years. A percentage to be attractive for the metropolis, which will have a tendency to fly to overseas, including over 30 % for an identical period. The tax exemption is a sector significant for the reduction of the taxes, but it is necessary to make the right choice, where the interest of bringing you closer to a specialist who will advise you on the laws to consider and those to be neglected in function of your real estate project. Some plan, therefore, already in 2018, but other households would like to enjoy the last weeks of the year.

Donations to associations can also be considered

It can be encouraging you to focus on the REIT tax which limit risk taking, because it is shared. In the area of tax exemption, you also have the gifts to a charity, this enables you to reduce by nearly 66 % relative to the amount invested. This is a considerable gain, especially if the taxes represent an important part in your daily life.

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