The taxes were the highest in France

For the past few years, the global economy is in the course of remission of the recent sub-prime crisis. In order to raise both good and bad, the citizens are put to work through different fees and taxes to enable the State to have the liquidity. However, as the rules say tax the world and the OECD, the tax rate should not exceed a certain threshold. We speak of a burden of tax which should not weigh too much on the taxpayers. France is a bad pupil in this area with a tax rate considerably high.

Tax rates among the highest in the world

Yes, this is not a hoax, France has tax rates among the highest in the world. The OECD gives as an example the tax on the wage rate is significantly above the average in the member countries of the organization.

In effect, this rate was 48.1 % in France, while in the area OECD average tax of 36 %. When one takes the example of a couple of workers with two children, one of whom is active, the taxation of salary of 40 % compared to a rate of 26 % in the space OECD. According to the OECD’s report dated April 12, 2017, the France acts as a bad student. It would be so detrimental to the growth of the country.

A tax burden for all

It must be said that the high rate of withdrawals by way of authority is not only applied to workers. This is also the case for businesses and employers. This is all the more true that the employers ‘ contributions in France are today the highest in the world.

This fiscal pressure certainly reduces the State to restore its financial health, but it influences negatively on the course of life. It is indeed necessary to say that the level of life in France could be impacted in the long run by this tax exorbitant.

In view of this a question arises, then, France is close to the austerity ? This diet dry which is intended to put the country back on the path of growth. It must be said that despite the report from theOECD on the taxation in France, it is still far from that. France still has beautiful days in front of her, however, she has to think to reduce the tax burden, in order to revitalize the economy.

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