The Vaucluse part in the hunt for water leaks

The Vaucluse is aware that these additional consumption are very harmful to the finances of the municipality and of the population. However, the department is targeted by an alert of drought, water restrictions are waiting for you. The professionals were engaged in a struggle without thank you for trying to find these leaks particularly problematic.

The inhabitants of the Vaucluse waste thousands of litres of water

As is the case for all the years at the same time, a prefectural decree puts forward restrictions. The people are therefore invited to make proof of sense since the primary objective is to minimize the consumption. This becomes, however, very problematic, especially when the pipes have suffered some damage. The leakage is essential in this context, but professionals use several methods in order to settle as quickly as possible without destroying your housing. Several solutions are being considered including the video inspection of pipes, thermography, or even the resonance of the sound.

A department affected by the drought tracking down water leaks

This method has also been used in the Vaucluse since specialists have been dispatched on the spot so that they can track down these famous leaks. A study tells us that the inhabitants of this department are wasted every year close to 4000 litres of water. This is very important, especially when you know that Vaucluse is struck by an alert drought. The consequences are so harmful to the common and water bills which are sometimes a leap of several hundreds of euros. It should be noted that these leaks are often identified in the dilapidated networks, it is the case in the department in the south of France.

A marked improvement on the side of Avignon in the level of tracking down of leaks

The experts have observed a small improvement in particular on the side of Avignon. In 2014, 36 % of water was lost, but the percentage in the last year has decreased considerably since it was 21 %. The different practices are therefore encouraging, however, if your water bill is too large, an inspection of the piping may be appropriate. It’s just a simple drip to result in a significant consumption in the long term. In the Vaucluse, the specialists spend their summer to track down the leak by using their ears. They are in search of a noise that is indicator of a problem.

Nicolas Hulot wants to fight against the droughts that are increasingly disturbing

This hunt is echoing the recent plan put in place by the government because it wants to fight rigorously against the drought. Nicolas Hulot is also a carrier of this project, it was presented a few days ago, a plan of action to Emmanuel Macron. It should be noted that the situation in France seems to degrade more quickly, hence the interest to act. Tracking down these leaks can be paramount, because the water is important. Individuals can make use of experts who will use their knowledge for the realization of a quote.

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