Top 15 of the fund’s best-selling life insurance

We know that life insurance is one of your investments darlings. We also know that you’re a fan of euro funds, safe and guaranteed. Keep in mind, on the € 10.8 billion in gross placed on your contracts in may 2017, 71 % have been paid on funds €. And the rest then ? Where are the 29 % that remain ? Challenges – with the help of the online bank Fortuneo – has attempted to answer this question. Objective of the business magazine : find out what are your units of account favorite. For us, this is the opportunity for you to be aware of media is very powerful ????

Life insurance In life insurance, we distinguish between two types of media : the funds in euros capital guaranteed and the units of accounts, risky, whose performance is more volatile. The fund € is mainly composed of government bonds. The units of accounts, they can be composed of stocks, bonds, mutual fund, mutual FUND or real estate fund.
Top 15 of the units of account preferred by the French

Rank a Unit of account Performance over 1 year Performance over 3 years fund Type 1 Quadriga Return C (Inocap) 43,50% 111,80% Fund shares or majority shares 2 R Valor F (Rothschild) A 25.40% 44,20% Fund shares or majority shares 3 Dorval hiring Managers, C (Natixis) 28,40% 48,00% Fund shares or majority shares 4 SCI Capimmo (Primonial) 4,20% 13,90% real estate Funds 5 Moneta Multi Caps C (Moneta AM) 22,30% 36,40% Fund shares or majority shares 6 H20 multi-strategy R (H20 AM LLP) 37,80% 72,20% Fund obligations, or obligations the majority 7 Magellan C (Corngest) 25,10% 35,80% Fund shares or majority shares 8 Sextant PME (Admiral Management) 35,60% 68,00% Fund shares or majority shares 9 Exchequer Entrepreneurs (Financial of the Exchequer) 35,00% not available Fund shares or majority shares 10 SCPI Primovie (Primonial) 5,00% 15,10% real estate Funds 11 Oddo Avenir Europe CR-EUR Oddo BHF) 22,00% 51,40% Fund shares or the majority shares 12 SCPI Elysées Pierre (HSBC) 4,10% 12,70% real estate Funds 13 H20 Multibonds R (H20 AM LLP) 16,10% 72,80% Fund obligations, or obligations the majority 14 Natixis Actions Small&mind Cap (Natixis) 22,80% 48,00% Fund shares or majority shares 15 BGF WLD Gold A2C (BlackRock) 2,60% 33,20% Fund shares or majority shares /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use “#supsystic-table-362” as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-362 { … } #supsystic-table-362 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-362 tbody tr { … } */

Methodology : To determine the funds ‘preferred investors, Challenge is based on the customers Fortuneo” customers historically turned to the stock Exchange, ” recalls the magazine. Concretely, Fortuneo has selected the media the most widely acclaimed by its clients, the ones that have attracted the most money between January 1 and may 15, 2017. Funds € and the investments of customers who have opted for the management under mandate were not taken into account.

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Equity funds well represented in the ranking

Among the units of account the most subscribed to, there are many of fund shares. Rather, it is a surprise when we know the reluctance of the French to invest on media to be risky. But life insurance is not a savings product as the other. Investors can invest in several funds at once. What diversification of their investments, and allow the cautious to only invest a portion of their savings on media risky.

Compare life insurance

You intend to purchase a life insurance but you do not know to which of the offers you turn ? Think of compare life insurance on Panorabanques to make your choice in peace !

I compare

Another explanation, this time more related to the economic situation : the stock markets would be on a good trajectory, that reassure and attract investors. “There is growth, the economy recovers and the political uncertainties are lifted : the investors back into european markets and on the values of the emerging countries “, explains Pascale Baussant, advisor in wealth management and is the founder of Baussant Council. And indeed, the performance of the media mentioned in this list have anything to impress : +43.5% by 1 year for Quadriga Yield C, +35.6%, Sextant PME or +25.4% to R Valor F. as a reminder, the funds in euros, reported on average at 1.80 % of the net management fees in 2016, according to the French Federation of the insurance.

Council banknote

However, be careful, the fund consist primarily of shares have a high volatility. It means that their value will fluctuate over time. Does focus not only on these media to be risky.

The real-estate funds : another best-seller !

Yes, the real estate, we love it ! It is concrete, we know what’s behind it ! Result, according to Insee, nearly 63 % of the French own at least one real estate property. Well, this taste for the stone is also reflected in the choice of your media life insurance. On the 15 funds favorite of customers of Fortuneo, 3 are real estate funds of which 2 are real estate investment trusts (REIT) performance.

When you invest in an REIT performance, your money is used to buy office buildings or shops. Premises which are then leased. You, you touch a part of the rent according to what you have invested in the REIT.

What are the interests ? These materials are safer. “The performance are only partially correlated with those of the financial markets “, says Bénédicte Gillet, head of the firm’s investments in Fortuneo. Result, they are a good alternative to funds in euros. The high yield ! For info, the REIT reported the average 4,63% before taxes in 2016, according to the French Association of real-estate investment companies.

But do not bet for as much as on the real estate funds ! Life insurance allows you to diversify your investments. Some contracts give you access to more than 100 funds, then enjoy !

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