Top life insurance online : the best contracts 2017

18 may 2017, the group digital media, was awarded – for the 5th year – its Top of the life insurance online. This ceremony aims to reward the best life insurance policies sold on the internet by insurers, banks and online brokers ! And the winners are…

Top life insurance ligne6 categories screened

Created in 2013 in collaboration with the society of financial analysis to Morningstar, the award ceremony of the Top life insurance online was on may 18th at the circle Kadrance in Paris.

To deliver the award, the jury composed of 6 jurors and professionals in the sector – have taken into account the performance of the contracts over a period of one year and over 3 to 5 years. 6 awards – in 6 categories – were awarded.

Yomoni Life – best new contract

To get the award for ” Best new contract “, the contracts were to present the right mix of performance-fees-UCITS-options. That is to say, a good performance of the fund euros + low costs + a range of funds + a wide range of management options. The contract should + have been launched for at least 3 years.

Yomoni Life – a contract of life insurance multi-support linked to a mandate arbitration provided by Suravenir – has won the award for best new contract.

Available with an initial payment of 1 000 €, the contract Yomoni Life has provided a rate of return net of management fee 2.30% in 2016 on the fund € Suravenir Performance. The contract has 85 index funds (ETF) and costs a 1.6% management fee per year (0.6% of the annual management fee of 0.7 % of the management fee of the arbitration mandates + 0.3% of management fees index funds).

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Kapital Direct – best contract + 3 years

To award this top, the same criteria as for the “best new contract” are retained, with the difference that here, the contract must have been launched more than 3 years.

Kapital Direct – a contract of life insurance multi-support – distributed by and insured by Generali Life), received the award for best contract of more than 3 years.

Accessible from a first payment of 1,000 €, the contract Kapital Direct has reported a 2.25 % (fund Eurossima) and 2.65 % (fund Netissima) of return to investors in 2016. The contract – which has more than 200 media investment – brings with it an annual management fee of :

  • 0.60% on the fund Eurossima
  • Of 0.75 % on the fund Netissima
  • 0.60% on the media in units of account (UA)

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Link Life – best innovation

In this class, it is to be elected, the contract is judged to be the most innovative, on several criteria such as the application entirely in cloud, the presence of a simulator, an online advisor, a robo-advisor.

Link Life – a life insurance policy dedicated to the management under mandate in trackers (ETF) – was awarded the prize for the best innovation.

Available as from 1 000 €, the contract Link Life distributed by Primonial and insured by Oradea Life, has used a rate of return of 1.50% in 2016. With 51 index funds, the annual management fee amounted to 1.30 % (0,60 % management fee + 0.70% of costs of the mandate).

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WeSave Heritage – best customer service

In the category of ” best customer service “, the jurors analyzed the competence of the téléconseillers, the responsiveness and the quality of the response mail, the use of social networks, the mobile application or using the subscription.

It is the contract of life insurance multi-support high-end WeSave Heritage which won the award for best customer service. This contract is insured by Suravenir – lets you invest in more than 80 media including the fund € Suravenir Performance, which has offered a compensation of 2.30 % in 2016. For the purchase, it is necessary to make an initial payment of $ 10,000 and pay an annual fee of 1.30 % (0.70% of costs of delegated management by + 0.60% management fee of the contract).

Linxea PERP – best PERP on the internet

The price of the best PERP on the internet reward the popular retirement savings plan (PERP) with the right mix of performance-fees-UCITS-options.

The contract Linxea PERP – insured by Suravenir – won the prize for the best PERP on the internet. This contract has more than 80 investment vehicles and comes with an annual management fee of 0.96 % on the units of account and 0.68 % management fee on the fund is €. As of 2016, this one was used a rate of return of 2.70 %. The contract Linxea PERP is available from 45 €.

Hedios Life – special Prize of the Jury

In this 6th and last category, the contract award is a coup de coeur of the 6 jurors : the contract Hedios Life of Hedios, provided by Suravenir.

Hedios Life is a contract life insurance multi-support that has 2 fund € (Suravenir Opportunities and Suravenir Performance) and more than 500 units of account (UA). Available as from 1 000 €, the contract comes with an annual management fee in the amount of 0.60 % regardless of the support fund (€ or CPU). As of 2016, the fund is € Suravenir Opportunities present in the contract Hedios Life – has reported a yield of 3.10 %.

Your life insurance policy – or the one that you were planning to purchase – does not appear in this ranking ? Rest assured that, as all top life insurance, it is subjective, and necessarily non-exhaustive. Don’t panic, it remains quantity of life insurance contracts in line particularly efficient on the market. To have the heart net, please do not hesitate to compare life-insurance – free – on Panorabanques !

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