What are the best banks according to the users of Bankin’ ?

You are not satisfied with your bank ? You want to change ? A council, if manage your account from a distance does not scare you, you should opt for an online bank. According to a study of aggregator accounts Bankin’ released on 29 may 2017, it is in the online banks (Fortuneo, BforBank, ING Direct, Boursorama Bank), that customers are the most satisfied. In question : bank charges very low and services at the top ! Focus.

Bankin study satisfaction banks

To develop her study, Bankin’ is based on the charges paid in 2016 by 300 000 users of its aggregator accounts, users, customers 60 different banks. To complement these data, tariff rate, 7 000 users of Bankin’ were also questioned about their degree of satisfaction. Then in which bank customers are most satisfied/dissatisfied ? Response.

Top 10 best banks, according to the users of Bankin’
Overall score (/5) bank Charges in 2016 (€) Note Satisfaction (/5) Fortuneo 4,47 8,00 4,00 BforBank 4,40 5,00 3,80 ING Direct 4,38 19,00 4,00 Boursorama 4,35 16,00 3,90 Monabanq 4,22 43,00 4,10 Hello Bank 3,98 24,00 3,29 AXA Bank 3,86 50,00 3,50 Crédit Mutuel of the South-West 3,62 65,00 3,30 La Banque Postale Particular 3,58 59,00 3,10 Credit Mutuel de Bretagne 3,41 90,00 3,30 /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascading_Style_Sheets */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use «#supsystic-table-345» as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-345 { … } #supsystic-table-345 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-345 tbody tr { … } */
Flop 10 of the banks whose users Bankin’ are the most dissatisfied
Overall score (/5) bank Charges in 2016 (€) Note Satisfaction (/5) BNP Paribas Particular 1,55 290,00 3,10 Banque Populaire Du Massif Central Is 2.14 229,00 3,20 Popular Bank Of the North 2,28 201,00 3,00 Society General Particular 2,31 204,00 3,11 CIC 2,40 204,00 3,30 Banque Populaire Rives de Paris 2,41 198,00 3,20 Crédit Agricole Ille-et-Vilaine 2,49 179,00 Eur 3.03 Crédit du Nord 2,49 176,00 2,97 Société Marseillaise de Crédit 2,50 187,00 3,19 Crédit Agricole Normandie 2,53 214,00 3,72 /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascading_Style_Sheets */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use «#supsystic-table-346» as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-346 { … } #supsystic-table-346 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-346 tbody tr { … } */
These data are from the survey of Bankin’, published on 29 may 2017. You can find the detailed ranking of 60 of the banks taken in account by clicking here.
Side bank charges, large disparities !

According to Bankin’, its users have paid an average of 229 € of bank charges in 2016. But in the detail, the bill ranges from 5 € – client users BforBank – 290 euro – user Bankin’ clients of BNP Paribas. Online banks is without surprise, the banks the least expensive.

This study is interesting because it is based on the bank account fees actually paid by the users of Bankin’. It means that they take into account the reductions and business benefits that they have been personally granted. Which is not possible by relying only on the tariff brochures.

However, these fees are difficult to compare, because they depend on the products purchased by the customers. One can say that from one bank to another, clients do not have the same products. For example, the customers of HSBC will be more likely to have a credit card from the top of the range (average cost 120€) and that customers of The Postal Bank have a classic card (40€ on average).

The difference in costs between Boursorama Bank (16 €) and Fortuneo (8 €) seems to us surprising. Boursorama Bank would be 2 times more expensive than Fortuneo ? By studying the tariff brochures of the banks (yes, it really does !) we do not understand this difference.

Finally, since the study relies on the users of the app Bankin’, the latter are probably not representative of the French. A priori connected, they should not do that very rarely, operations in an agency, while some of the French are on the move in their bank.

Limits that Bankin’ assumes : «The banks have packages and differentiated services that can explain the discrepancies in expenses recognized. Bank fees presented are the average of the fees paid by the users of Bankin’. They are in no way representative of the fees and expenses that you may pay if you open an account in these banks. Remember to check the terms and conditions of different banks, » says the aggregator.

Services : all banks are not created equal

To assess the satisfaction of customers of banks, Bankin’ surveyed 7,000 users of its app. Concretely, the fintech has asked two questions – «would you Recommend your bank to a friend ?» and » How would you rate the relationship with your bank advisor ? «– respondents are invited to note their bank from 0 to 5.

And, as for the costs, the results are very different depending on the bank. The best in customer satisfaction, monabanq, gets 4,10/5, compared to 2.80 a/5 for the Banque Populaire des Alpes, the bank that has obtained the worst scores.

Other teaching, this is not because customers of online banks do not have a personal adviser that they are less satisfied with their relationship with their bank. On average, banks online pure player – ING Direct, Fortuneo, Boursorama Bank, etc – have obtained a 3.8/5 in customer satisfaction, compared to 3.2/5 for the traditional banks.

Finally, this is not because the bank charges a high fee that his customers are necessarily dissatisfied. Witness for example the Crédit Agricole Normandie. On average, customers connected to the app Bankin’ paid 214 € of bank charges in 2016. And it doesn’t prevent the bank gets them the score of 3.72/5 side satisfaction. Proof that it’s not the price that count !

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The diagnosis banknote

The study of Bankin’ should alert you. All banks do not levy the same charge bank. And all banks are not created equal either side the services rendered. As a result, if you are unhappy with your bank, do not stay in this one !

In addition with, the law Macron on the mobility bank, change the bank became simple. By signing a warrant of mobility, you delegate to your new bank with the mission to migrate all your operations to recurring on your new account. In 22 working days max, the change is made ! And you, you have nothing more to do !

But to what bank you turn ? Since we do not use all the same banking products and services, it is necessary to take into account your profile and your needs. Is it that you go to frequently in the agency ? Do you want to have a personal advisor ? Do you travel often outside of the euro zone ?… To help you in the quest of your bank ideal, we recommend that you use the comparator banks Panorabanques. It compares not only prices but also the services of 180 banks. Fill out your profile and you will know the banks that best meet your needs. A comparator tested and approved by our care ????

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