What is the future for atms ?

The banking agencies – the fact of their decline in attendance by customers – are under threat of disappearance. And, when they do not close – they must at least be transformed… But what is it vending machines (ATMS) are victims of a decline in the number of withdrawals estimated at approximately 2% between 2010 and 2015 ? Should they disappear or transform ? Focus.

Vending machine Not announced death of the atms

If 29% of the French say they go less often to the DAB in the past 5 years – according to a study by OpinionWay on “the French and The atms,” it remains not less than 61 % go there as often.

And for good reason, the plc is considered as irreplaceable for tickets (92 %), very (very) far ahead of the release of the code of his credit card (3 %) for example… The removal of ATMS would therefore be a strategic error on the part of banks, would lose their income from cash withdrawals, ” according to LesEchos.fr and two, would not respond to a request by the customers away away.

Fortunately, it is the banks are likely to have been well understood and they tend to provide additional services – as is the wish of almost a quarter of the French.

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Towards a transformation of the DAB ?

Concretely, today with the DAB, it is possible to :

  • Withdraw and deposit tickets
  • Cheque deposit
  • Check the balance of his bank account
  • Print a RIB
  • Order a checkbook
  • Buy recharges mobile phone

Some controllers and, in particular, those of the CIC and Crédit Mutuel also allow you to top up their Navigo pass !

To go further, LesEchos.fr adds that the controllers of the Caisses d’epargne and Banques Populaires were enriched by a ” function of currency conversion […] that allows travelers to stay in France to have a very precise idea of the cost of a withdrawal before the run “.

On the innovation side of the group BPCE (Banque Populaire & Caisse d’epargne) has also made possible the withdrawal at ATMS without CB. It is called “withdrawal SMS” to the Caisse d’epargne or “Smart Indent” to the Popular Bank, this service allows customers to ” prepare their withdrawal on their phone, since the mobile application from their bank […] and then receive a code to withdraw money without the need of using their credit card “.

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Innovation always on the side of AXA Bank which ” has invested in 370 ATMS are able to cash cheques or make transfers “.

The automatons could replace agencies ?

You take the metro ? So, you’ve noticed that, for several years now, the counters of the stations where there are vendors of the RATP – is no longer possible to buy tickets. To do this, he must now necessarily be directed towards the automata.

In another article entitled ” When the atms are transformed into mini banks “, the economic daily LesEchos.fr we learn that ” the ATMS are transformed into kiosks, banking self-services “.

In fact, it would be possible to install in the automatic ” all the features that the banks develop their mobile applications “, that is to say, transfers or appointments with an advisor. Better yet, they could – directly from the plc – propose ” the opening of accounts, purchase of products or videoconferencing with a counselor because the computing environment of the distributor – which, in contrast to smartphones – is totally under the control of the bank “.

A disappearance not, but a profound transformation of the atms is to be expected. Has the image of the Company General studying currently the possibility to use the new DAB to ” do pedagogy on digital tools in the agency “.

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