What’s new in the sector of the mutual health

Health is the most precious possession that man has, this is the reason for which it is kept and maintained by different methods. To allow yourself to heal at any time, health insurance has become a necessity and comes in different forms.

In the digital era, the mutual health must adapt and offer products that follow the movement and adapt to new methods of care.

A mutual jurisdiction in telemedicine

The field of medicine focusing in the digital era, it now offers new methods of care, including telemedicine. Several insurance and mutual health insurance organizations offer you a health insurance, taking into account the tele-consultation medical. At the insurer Axa , for example, you may qualify for a health insurance telemedicine, which allows you to be viewed remotely by a doctor every day of the week.

This new feature allows you to see insurance health otherwise and don’t have to move you into a hospital before they can benefit from it. This major innovation in the world of health insurance will soon be adopted by many other insurers and mutual benefit societies.

A health insurance valid on your Smartphone

Yes, you’re not dreaming. It is now possible to make use of your health insurance by using a health app made available by the insurer Ag2R la mondiale. If you have subscribed to a health insurance in the last, you will be able to claim and benefit from care at a distance directly on your Smartphone.

This is a great development that fits into the same logic that the service offered by Axa, and that once again shows the importance of telemedicine of our days. In view of the dynamics of the health sector, insurers and mutuals are to the page and offer different services to put themselves into the dance of new technologies.

The conditions to benefit from these new options are the same as for a health insurance normal. Some insurers even offer forms of personal coaching to businesses in order to improve the hygiene of life of the employees.

The year 2017 will see yet other innovations in the field of insurance and mutual health.

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