Why do you choose N26 ?

A real success story in France, the German bank 100 % mobile N26 deals currently 3 000 applications for opening of account by week in france. Don’t worry, all these applications lead – it is far the time of the waiting list ! – and our little finger tells us that it will continue like that. This is the opportunity for bank-note of asking you about your motivations to open an account and who knows ? to encourage persons who have not (yet) heard of this neo-bank to look more closely. It is a party.

N26 : 3000/clients / semaineN26 : that of qualities no defects ?

According to N26 itself, the rapid growth on the French market – 3 000 clients per week is respectable – is due to its business model and its cost structure is optimized “. Given that it is not certain that you would have answered exactly the same thing, we are going to reformulate. Please answer by leaving a comment just below the article ????

You have chosen or you want to choose N26 because :

1. You no longer need you go to the agency, everything is done from the app in just a few clicks

It must be said that you never arrive to allow sufficient time for you to go to your bank branch – open only during your office hours… And now that you think about it, you go to agency what to do at the fair ? Talk to a counselor ? Let’s be serious…

2. You appreciate that the neo-bank pays also thanks to the interchange fees paid by merchants when you use your CB MasterCard

You think that the client should not be the only one to pay the bank – because yes, you are aware that some products and services N26 that you use or that you could use (N26 Black pay, for example) are also used to remunerate the neo-bank

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3. Exactly, you can take advantage of the map N26 Black – a World Elite MasterCard – for a nominal fee of 5,90 € per month

And this is not all, since who says N26 Black is also said to premium account with additional services such as insurance for travel to or withdrawals in foreign currency without any fees. And also says mega-class at the restaurant when paying the bill…

4. You appreciate being able to send money in foreign currency in just a few clicks at a lower cost

And there, you can congratulate you in fact. Through its partnership with Transferwise, the money transfer in foreign currency cost you “5 to 6 times” less expensive than in other banks – we said N26

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5. You know that other products should be launched soon, such as credit, savings or even the stock exchange

And you say that there is little to prevent N26 break there also the price… A savings book be paid at 4 % on 3 months or a credit conso at a rate of 0.50 % for example… so If it is still allowed to dream !!…

6. You know that opening an account N26 takes only 8 minutes

And to have spent time and energy in paperwork, supporting documents and interminable delays, you tell yourself that you’re worth it !

7. You have total control and complete your CB N26 that you can block/unblock in the event of loss/reunion

Gone are the distress, the opposition of your CB was not taken into account…

8. You receive notifications for every transaction in real-time

You have a short memory ? No problem, all your transactions will appear instantly !

9. You choose your own PIN free of charge

And that falls well, you are a fetishist ! You have precisely in mind a 4-digit code you have always wanted to use and that is – necessarily – easy-to-remember !

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10. You can change your credit card limits alone

Finished the galleys of CB capped while you’re on the other side of the planet !

And you, what are the reasons that you have pushed/pushing you to choose N26 ? Several possible answers ????

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