Why go through a broker, real estate credit ?

The fact of going through a broker, real estate credit has not yet really entered the mainstream in france. In effect, this practice relates only to 20% of loans in the context of an acquisition of housing.

However, in other european countries such as England, it is quite common and affects more than half of real estate transactions. What are the benefits of going through this professional ? Here are a few elements of response.

The function of the broker real estate credit

It goes without saying that all the world does not have the necessary time to survey the banking agencies, a folder in hand. In this context, the use of a broker in real estate credit turns out to be a very interesting option.

In this sense, this professional is the housing market what the central purchasing is the franchises distribution. By providing a large number of files to the banks, it can make play the competition and obtain lower interest rates on the bonds traded. Sometimes, these cuts can reach several tens of basis points.

For example, for a loan of€ 200,000 payable over twenty years, the savings can amount to up to 13 000€. It seems evident, therefore, that using this specialist is a very attractive solution.

In addition to this, he puts his expertise on the definition of the term, type of loan, prepayment penalties or guarantees. Finally, among its missions include the negotiation of insurance-borrower. The savings do not stop, therefore, not simply the monthly installments and go into detail.

Many of these professionals rely on commissions provided by their banking partners to pay for it. These commissions are typically at 1% of the loan, and are granted by banking institutions, which consider the real estate broker as a business contributor.

In fact, the clients do not have any fees to pay, you can therefore consider using a broker in real estate credit completely for free. You can find more information by visiting Immoz.info.

In all cases, even if the interest rates are in a period of attractive, households and investors are looking for the best deal possible. Use a real specialist seduces more and more.

Trust, yes, but only to a professional

A broker credit real estate can be contacted via the internet and met in real. A preferred solution within the framework of a personalized follow-up or to meet a need in financing is relatively complex.

Since January 2013, this specialist is submitted to a specific status, that of an intermediary in banking transactions and in payment services. To ensure the reliability of your interlocutor, you can check its presence in the file of ORIAS.

It is important to know that the conditions for obtaining a registration under this statute are among the most complex and strict. In fact, the real estate broker must be covered by liability insurance professional and possess adequate training to exercise their profession. It has a legal obligation to provide advice and accurate and relevant information to all of its customers.

To fulfill its function, each client must also provide him with a mandate of seeking capital. This essential document must clarify at the outset the terms and conditions of remuneration, the content of the mission of the specialist, as well as the links of the latter vis-à-vis the banks consulted.

Note that some of them will accompany you throughout your project funding, the loan signing until the signing at the notary at the time of the final acquisition of your property.

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