Why is it necessary to make a diagnosis in real estate ?

We only speak of this at this time, no owner or primo-accessing could not escape it. The diagnosis real estate has become a reality for a lot of French now. But what is it and what is it used for ? In reality, it is the control of the conformity of its housing in many ways. It is an obligation for the seller as the one who wishes to put his property for rent. Here is a small overview of the rules to which you must comply.

Obligations for all the owners

Today, a diagnosis real estate has become a requirement for all types of owners. As well for sellers as for those who decide to engage in rental investment. The one who wishes to sell his property must comply with this requirement under penalty of having the sale cancelled on the one hand, and being subjected to criminal sanctions. The one who wants to rent will have to ensure that its tenants have met their obligations to ensure the safety of its inhabitants.

The real diagnoses are mandatory for all

The law requires all owners with a balance of energy performance , which will assess the state of insulation of the property as well as its consumption. To do this, you need to find a body of diagnostic real estate certified. Comparators exist and allow you to find professionals near you. Then, another assessment will be completed regarding natural hazards, mining and technology.

Other assessments to be carried out

Under certain conditions, you will need to establish other balance sheets. Some of them include the use of materials such as asbestos and lead. Others concern the electricity and the gas, especially when your home is for renting. Then, some relate to issues of health, sanitation and harmful. Finally, it will be necessary to establish the living area for dwelling units located in the condominium under the provisions of the act Carrez.

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