Why the investment SCPI is that the time ?

For the past few years, the SCPI is the preferred investment of the French. And for good reason, the performance that one can hope for is not negligible. In addition, even young people can already consider an investment in the stone with this solution. But with this trend, we face the increase of the price of a share of REIT. For its part, the rent remains intact. As well, we can still argue that the placement SCPI is that the time ? If that truly is the case, what can be the reasons.

What is a REIT ?

The REITS or real Estate Investment trusts is an option that offers investors in rental property.

It is the sale of a building to several individuals at the same time. Individuals subsequently become co-owners. The SCPI is a simple and economic solution of real estate investment. There is no need to pay a reasonable sum for his property, it is sufficient to purchase one unit to qualify for a return. It is to be noted that this investment brings together individuals and professionals in various types of real estate (office building, stores, or places of residence.)


Real estate investment : Why to opt for a REIT ?

The Balance sheet of the REIT 2016 confirms that the trend is leaning towards this type of real estate investment. And there are many reasons that make that there would not be that beneficial. The SCPI is intended for individuals who want to invest in real estate without, however, having expenses that are the responsibility of the owners. Indeed, if in a contract of hire classic, the tenant will pay a rent fixed, and the owner will make all repairs and troubleshooting needed, the one who invests in a REIT will not be required to be in charge of the latter. In fact, it is the manager of the park real estate that will be affected by these interventions. This will only have an impact in any case, the status of the owner, but reduces the investor in rental management. The real Estate Investment trusts also allows you to diversify his assets and to improve its conditions vis-à-vis the tax.

The performance of a REIT

Investing in a REIT is not complex, you just have to find the best investment that yields a good performance. Compared to other types of investments, such as the liner, this participation real estate offers a tax interesting with already +5% in 2015. But to benefit further, it is necessary to choose the SCPI yield the most profitable. The site https://www.valofi.com/ helps you in precisely this sense.

If, on average, the shares of REITS offer between +4% and +6% return per year. It is always advisable to find the best REIT. As a hint to guide you, you can rely on the occupancy rate, and also the performance.

In short, the SCPI is a very interesting alternative to investing in stone at this time. The benefits are many in addition to facilitating the life of the owner. For the benefit of a performance sounds good, it remain you to find the best investment.

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