Wireless alarm or a hardwired alarm : which to choose ?

The need for home security is evolving, and the offers on the market follow this same trend. Today, there are different types of alarm system available for sale to suit all households. But, in general, we can categorize them into two kinds : wireless alarms and hardwired alarms. This is where the choice gets complicated. In fact, how to choose between these two systems as efficient one as the other ? What can be the criteria that can make the difference between the two ?

Wireless alarm : why choose this type of system ?

The wireless alarm system is a system of safety performance, which uses radio waves as means of communication. As its name suggests, no wires are used in the installation of the system, which will represent an advantage for this type of alarm.

In effect, it is sufficient that a detector or a switch opening or the other is connected to a radio wave so that the system can be connected remotely. And despite the costs, many households are opting for the installation of a wireless alarm because of its ease of handling as well as its high flexibility.

Hardwired alarm : good reasons to opt for this alarm

The alarm wired is less expensive than wireless alarm, and yet, the efficiency remains at the rendezvous. It is one of the first benefits of this type of alarm. With son, it is necessary to proceed to a real hardware installation. Each element is connected to the central unit via a wire. The alarm wire is chosen by individuals because of its reliability, and the fact that the implementation of the whole system is not too complicated when big jobs are planned in the house. In addition, there is no risk that the equipment runs out of battery since it is constantly powered by the son.

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