“&you by Monabanq ” : assistance program budget management custom

Know the steps to follow to become a self-employed entrepreneur when you are a job seeker… Learn how to manage money as a couple… Or even know what health insurance coverage to choose abroad when one is retired… Of the questions you may have and which the online bank Monabanq – subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel-CIC has decided to respond through a dedicated website : “&you by Monabanq “. The bank’s line of “people before money” was launched on June 14, 2017 this program editorial innovative in order to better advise its prospects and its customers in the management of their budget. Discovery.

&you by MonabanqDes advice and customized solutions

Interactivity, it’s almost the first word that comes to mind when you take a walk on the site ” &you by Monabanq “. Quiz, simulators, administrative documents to download, personalized advice… everything is done to enable a dialogue between the user and the online bank.

Users – new workers (self-employed, intermittent, etc.), consumers, or travelers (expatriates…) – are encouraged to push further the hyper-personalization of their navigation on the site. Through their responses to questions on their money, their present situation, their age bracket or their gender, people are seen to suggest appropriate content.

And their journey on the site ” feeds a recommendation engine editorial which aims to deliver tailor-made solutions and real-time.

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The centres of interest of the French in the heart of the strategy of Monabanq

Far from being randomly selected, the subjects discussed on the site “&you by Monabanq “would meet the” specific needs “of the users and would be” rooted in their life.” The lease of property between private individuals on the reduction in banking fees abroad, through the professional conversion (non – exhaustive list), the bank’s objective is to provide answers that are simple and pragmatic expectations of the French.

For more information, please visit the topic Theme of the site where you can find the list of topics !

Why would you deploy such a device ?

The first declared objective of the bank is to accompany each day the French in the management of their budget.

And that’s not all we said Loïc Bérenguier, marketing and communications director of Monabanq : “beyond loyalty,” &you by Monabanq ” intends to create a lasting relationship with the customer. For example, the articles relayed on the social networks can be shared by everyone in his community. Thanks to feedback from the users, Monabanq is also committed to enrich its curriculum with the creation of new content intended for other audiences “.

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