Your Visa Premier € 1 6 1st month at the Company’s General !

Until June 30, 2017, the Company Overall made a nice rebate on the contribution of the high-end card Visa First subscribed to with the package Jazz. Your CB Visa First and the bundle Jazz Essential Services cost you 1 € for the first 6 months and then 16,10 €/month. In other words, you set 97,60 € instead of 193,20 €, that’s pretty cool ! Conditions to benefit from it.

Visa First + Jazz Essential Services : 97,60 € instead of 193,20 €

The offer of the Company’s General address to any client is the holder or co-holder of a current account is 18 years of age at least, who wants to change the CB, or take a CB supplemental before June 30, 2017.

The offer of the Company General allows – as said above – to have a bank card Visa First – the CB top-of-range of the Visa – the package Jazz Essential Services to 97,60 €/year, instead of the 193,20 €. This is why it is. The contribution to the package and the CB is up to you to 1 € the first 6 months – that is to say, 0,16 €/month – and then 16,10 €/month, or 97,60 €.

In his booklet tariff, the Company’s General invoice (excluding promotional offers) 193,20 € the package Jazz Essential Services with the Visa Premier card. Out of a bundle of services, the contribution only of the Visa First will cost 135 € to the Society in General. So this is a nice promotion that offers the bank at this time ! But that is not worth the mobility offer bank previous which came to an end on may 06… it was in effect to have the Visa First and the package of Essential Services for 0 € for 1 year !

Perhaps it is the success of the previous offers, which had led the bank to be a little less generous…

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The services included in the package Jazz Essential Services

In the framework of the subscription to the package Jazz Essential Services, you get :

  • Your CB – in the case your Visa First
  • Of the account maintenance fees
  • Insurance, loss and theft of means of payment

The benefits of a Visa First

In addition to being more “class” than a classic CB, CB top-of-the range allows you to enjoy several benefits – justifying also the difference of price… Well, with the Visa First of Société Générale, you can :

  • Remove up to 6 100 € over a period of 7 days :

o not to exceed 770 €/day in atms of Société Générale, Credit du Nord and abroad

o not to exceed 900 € for 7 days in atms of other banks

  • Have a ceiling of payment (for merchants) – customizable with your advisor – up to 137 300 €
  • Be covered by medical assistance and insurance coverage valid in France and abroad
  • Choose the date of debit operations on card for the charge cards
  • Benefits negotiated (travel, leisure, shopping and the art of living) in several brands

Hurry up ! To take advantage of this offer, you have until June 30, 2017 !

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